iGiortes Widget

Never miss another Greek Orthodox Saint's day ever again

Do you have trouble remembering the day of Saint Eudokimos? Does your 8-year old godson Theoprepios complain that you keep forgetting to call him on his nameday? Has your wife Oraiozili ever threatened you with divorce because you forgot to buy her a present on 26 July? Never understood why Mr Thespesios, the taxi driver from the 3rd floor, always throws a party on 1 June? Then this widget is for you!

iGiortes displays all the Greek Orthodox Saints of the day right on your Dashboard. It also displays the major Orthodox feast days, including movable feasts such as Easter. The widget is self-contained and does not require an Internet Connection to work. All the information and the code for calculating the movable feasts is provided by the http://www.eortologio.gr team.

The reverse of the widget provides links to the iGiortes Homepage and the http://www.eortologio.gr website. It also allows to set the language and skin. There are six skins to choose from, including:

New: iGiortesCal, Saints Calendars for iCal

I have created calendar files for iCal that display all the Saints Feast Days in iGiortes directly in iCal. There are greek and english versions. You can find them in the Downloads page. These calendar files do not include the moveable feasts.

New in Version 2.3

Renamed info.plist to Info.plist so that the widget can work on case-sensitive partitions.

New in Version 2.1

Leopard bug fix. Due to a text encoding issue, iGiortes 2.0 did not display correctly on Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard. This issue has now been resolved and iGiortes works fine under Leopard. Also changed the text color because I feel that colors have changed slightly under Leopard. I changed the saints display font to Helvetica so that the Greek and English are displayed in the same font. Thanks to Spiros for this suggestion. Finally, I introduced a revised icon for the widget, courtesy of Argiris. There is no new functionality in version 2.1

New in Version 2.0

Completely redesigned the widget. It is smaller and takes up less screen space. The information is now displayed in a scroll-box so that more saints' names can be included. New functionallity allows the user to view the saints of subsequent and previous days. Repaired bugs and corrected various spelling mistakes. Updated the saints' names database to comply with the latest information in eortologio.gr

New in Version 1.2.1

Repaired a bug occuring on Lazarus Saturday

New in Version 1.2

Included an english language version for iGiortes. The language can be set using the controls on the back of the widget. The english and greek options display the same saints' names. Some of the names have been anglicised for the english version.

New in Version 1.1

Included 6 different skins for iGiortes

Important note: The http://www.eortologio.gr site has two saint's names databases. One includes only major (and relatively minor) saints. This is the database that is used in the iGiortes widget. The other database includes all the saints but is too long and unwieldy to be included in a widget.

Site last updated 05/02/2009